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Denver Food Stamp Program

The Colorado Department of Human Services provides food stamps under the Colorado Food Assistance Program. The program is known for offering people and their families for a way to receive benefits for nutrition and regular healthy meals. These benefits are sent on a monthly basis to those who are eligible. It considered to be a part of the SNAP, also known as the federal food assistance program. Low income families that are approved for the program are provided with a QUEST card so that they can receive their benefits electronically and then use them at stores that accept these benefits. As with any food stamp program, there are conditions that must be met for eligibility. More detailed information is available at the Department of Human Services site, which is linked below.

Individuals are encouraged to download or print an application for assistance. The application asks for information about your residency and income, as well as your identity. It is important to answer honestly on the application about your income because you will have to have proof of income and wages when you go to the local office for assistance. Local offices can be found by calling the Colorado Department of Human Service Hotline at 1-800-536-5298. Finished applications must be turned in to a local office for consideration. Once you have applied for benefits, the application will need to be processed by the department. At this point, you will be granted an interview which will provide the department with more information about your current situation. You may be asked to provide documents and verification for the claims that you listed in your application. The interview can be handled over the phone or in person at a local office.

Your eligibility will greatly depend on your assets and your total household income for each person listed on the application. Individuals will need proof their identity and their income during the application process. Other information that must be featured includes social security number and information about your household size. Your income has to be below the requirements which are listed depending on the size of the household. If you have a household of four, your income needs to be below the monthly gross of $2422. Eligibility is also assessed during an interview after your application has been processed. If you are approved for these benefits, you will be given a QUEST card. Your benefits will be transmitted to the card on a monthly basis and it can be used anywhere that SNAP benefits are accepted. You can find these locations on the federal website or by calling (303) 866-3122 or toll free at 1-800-536-5298.

For more information about accessing SNAP benefits in Denver, Colorado you can use the following contact information.

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Department of Human Services - CDHS-SelfSuff/CBON/1251582131809 Application - childpagename=CDHSSelfSuff%2FDocument_C%2FCBONAddLinkView& cid=1251601901612&pagename=CBONWrapper SNAP Locator - (303) 866-3122 / 1-800-536-5298. Colorado Department of Human Services Office of Economic Security Food Assistance Program 1575 Sherman St., 3rd Floor Denver, CO 80203-1714 303 866-3122

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